Poker Games

There are several forms of poker available online and all have different rules but some will be the same. Texas Hold’em is the King of Online Poker Games. There are Stud poker games and Draw poker games as well as the popular community card games. The following is a list of the most popular games found on the web.

Texas Hold’em.
Omaha Hi-Low.
7 Card Stud.
5 Card Draw.
Chinese Poker.
Crazy Pineapple.
Triple Draw Poker.

Texas Hold’em. – Every poker room online deals Texas Hold’em.

Omaha. – is a community board game like Texas Hold’em, only players begin play with more hole cards.

Omaha Hi-Low. – is the high low version of Omaha. Players can win part of the pot by having with either the best hand at the showdown, or the worst ‘qualifying’ hand at the showdown. Sometime players can win the entire pot by having both.

7 Card Stud. – perhaps king of the card games before Hold’em came along, this game is still very popular in card rooms and home games everywhere. There are no community cards in Stud poker, each player has a hand of cards to call their own. These cards are a mix of exposed cards, and face-down hole cards.

5 Card Draw. – is the standard poker game in all the old west movies. It’s been played at kitchen tables since before I was born, and it’s played online too.

Chinese Poker. – is different from most versions of poker. It involves receiving a large amount of cards and arranging them into three different hands of varying strengths. This interesting game is dealt at several places online.

Crazy Pineapple. – is very much like Texas Hold’em, except that you start with three hole cards (eventually discarding one of them). It makes it easier to get a high quality hand. The game is being dealt online.

Triple Draw Poker. – a form of draw poker that you can play online. Triple Draw is not exactly the same as standard draw, for a complete description of the game.